<h1>Acquisition of</h1>
<h1>Derichebourg Multiservices:</h1>
<h1>Elior Accelerates</h1>
<h1>Its Turnaround</h1>

Acquisition of

Derichebourg Multiservices:

Elior Accelerates

Its Turnaround

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Key Highlights

Creates a new global leader in contract catering and multiservices, with approximately 134,000 employees

Enhances the Group’s activities with new and complementary offers

Strong deleveraging: increasing flexibility to drive growth in contract catering and services

Significant potential value creation with at least €30 million in run-rate EBITDA synergies and a double-digit positive impact on EPS as soon as FY2024

All-stock transaction with Elior Group shares issued to Derichebourg SA at €5.65 per share, representing a premium of 119% or 128%, to the last trading day and the one-month average share price prior to rumors, increasing Derichebourg SA ownership to 48.4%, a reference and long-term shareholder.

Evolution of the Board of Directors’ structure with renewed governance, reflecting the new shareholder balance


Nomination of Daniel Derichebourg as Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Elior Group, upon closing of the transaction

Signing of the Investment Agreement and the Contribution Agreement, unanimously approved by the Boards of Directors of Elior Group and Derichebourg


Shareholders’ Meeting scheduled to approve the transaction on April 18, 2023


BDL Capital Management, Permian Investment Partners, FSP, and EMESA—representing in total approximately 24.4% of Elior Group ownership—will vote in favor of the contribution

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Bernard Gault,


“After positioning the Group on a profitable path, we are accelerating our turnaround by strengthening our position in service businesses that are highly attractive and complementary to our current activities. By offering a broader suite of services to our clients, we are pursuing a new ambition and creating long-term value for Elior Group’s employees, clients and shareholders.

I personally ensured that this project will be supported by a new governance structure that meets the highest standards in terms of balance and independence over the long term. Daniel Derichebourg, who will be nominated as Chairman and CEO of Elior Group, is an experienced entrepreneur who is passionate about his customers. His track record is a testament to his exceptional success, and he is the ideal leader to accelerate Elior Group’s recovery and enable the Group to achieve its full potential in both of our activities. Daniel’s interests will be fully aligned with those of Elior and the Group’s shareholders.”

Daniel Derichebourg,


“By bringing Derichebourg Multiservices to Elior Group, Derichebourg is increasing its stake in Elior Group and confirming its ambition to be a long-term reference shareholder. During its review of strategic options, Elior Group fully recognized the potential of Derichebourg Multiservices’ industrial project, as well as the quality of our teams and our assets. We wish to create a new global leader in contract catering and multiservices and I will apply all my experience as an entrepreneur to this new challenge.

I am convinced of the Group’s potential turnaround and the value creation resulting from this combination. I am very excited to lead Elior Group and to share my values and strategic vision with all employees in order to take the Group to a new phase of long-term growth and value creation.”

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What was announced?
Who is Derichebourg? Derichebourg Multiservices?
Why this transaction?
What are the impacts of this transaction on contract catering?
What are the next steps? When will the transaction be finalized?
Will Daniel Derichebourg be nominated as Chairman and CEO of Elior Group?
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Press releases

04.03.2023 Exemption document from the obligation to publish a prospectus (in French)
03.27.2023 Availability of documents and information for the combined shareholder’s meeting of April 18, 2023
03.06.2023 Acquisition of Derichebourg Multiservices: Signing of the Investment Agreement and the Contribution Agreement
12.20.2022 Acquisition of Derichebourg Multiservices: Elior Accelerates Its Turnaround
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18 April 2023

Combined General Meeting of Elior Group’s shareholders

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